1994-1998: Ithaca College

Bachelor of Science Degree in Film and Video Production with a minor in Computer Science and Art History


2009 -2010: Freelance

Worked on a variety of projects including stereoscopic animated logos, several websites including development of flash games, and business development and programming for a new startup company Jam Time, a children's entertainment center.

2006-2009: I.E. Effects: Co-Founder, Co-Owner, CTO and Visual Effects Supervisor

Founded in March, 2006, I.E. Effects is a thriving visual effects company with over 15 employees and offers not only outstanding visual effects services but also onset supervision, editorial, stereoscopic screening and DI services. I was instrumental in the growth and development of the company in all aspects including artistic, technological and business dealings. My major roles include the day to day running of the visual effects division, including supervising, distributing shots, scheduling, production tracking, managing budgets and interacting with clients and vendors, all while tackling challenging shots on multiple projects.

2000-2006: Threshold Digital: Visual Effects Supervisor

Visual Effects Supervisor and Lead Artist of a medium sized company that specializes in theme park rides and attractions, special venue projects and feature films

1999-2000: Foundation Imaging: Digital Artist

Layout and Effects Artist for an all CG episodic television series

1998-1999: Threshold Digital: Digital Artist / CG Generalist

Effects Artist and Compositor for an episodic television series